Painted Parts

Inspect all parts for paint match before installing them!

Toyota and Sparks paints their parts to the original, most popular variant of the color code.

Colors can fade or change over time. Normally this process takes many years, but certain conditions can quicken that process. Washing your vehicle with dish soap will remove your wax and paint protectors in just a few washes. This can cause your vehicle to fade significantly in just a few months. Not washing regularly with wash and wax can also cause the paint to fade. Living in an area with very intense sunlight can cause the paint to fade in an uneven pattern.

For these reasons, you will want to check to be sure the pieces match your vehicle before installing them. To do the warranty on pieces painted by Sparks, we will require the part back first and will repaint it. We do NOT get a new piece painted and sent to you to swap out. We will get it back and repaint it and send it back to you. To do a warranty on pieces painted by Toyota, you can get it done at your local dealership or we can take them back. Toyota paints their pieces in large batches, so if they do not match your truck, there is a chance that we will only be able to refund them and not send a replacement.

To start the process, please send a picture of the part and how it does not match your vehicle. Metal pieces and plastic pieces painted will show to be slightly different so when comparing, please show metal to metal or plastic to plastic in the same lighting.

Factory Toyota Painted Parts

We are able to get many pieces already painted from Toyota. Any piece that comes painted from Toyota is covered by Toyota's 12 month warranty against any defects. These pieces will need to be warrantied at your local Toyota dealership. Toyota warranty only covers the parts and not any labor or shipping. The pieces will need to be inspected to ensure that they are defective and not the fault of cleaning chemicals or road debris.

Parts Painted by Sparks Parts

Sparks also has a 12 month warranty for their painted pieces. This only covers defects in the painting and not damage caused by chemicals or road debris. To begin the process, please send a picture of the defect and your order information and Sparks will let you know how to proceed. Depending on the product, we will send a new painted one and swap it out or we will need to get the piece repainted.

Pieces that are painted by Sparks can not be returned as a normal return. Once the order is placed, it can not be canceled or changed.