Toyota/TRD Parts

Will adding Toyota/TRD parts to your vehicle void your factory warranty?

No! The parts themselves come with a 12 Month warranty. If they are installed at a dealership, then they also fall under your factory warranty. This means that the parts will then have a 3 year/36,000 mile warranty from the vehicles in-service date.

Will installing the parts myself void their warranty?

No! The parts themselves will still have a 12 month warranty against any manufacturers defects. For a warranty claim on these parts, the dealership will need to do an inspection on the parts to be sure that it is a defect of the part and not an installation issue. The warranty will only cover the parts.

Do I need to have Sparks Toyota/Sparks Parts do the warranty because I purchased the part through them?

Please contact us for any warranty questions or concerns. Because the part is a national Toyota part, your local dealership can do the warranty work. Toyota will only cover labor if the dealership did the install and the part was defective. For any Electrical part, it will need to be on the vehicle and have it inspected before a warranty can be done.

Is There A Warranty For Parts I Installed that are not intended for my vehicle?

No. Toyota will not warranty a part if it is not installed on the proper vehicle. Many parts will crossover and will install on different models or makes, but if it is not designed specifically for your vehicle, Toyota will not cover the part under warranty.

Anyone wanting to customize their vehicle, should be aware that modifications from the original factory specifications may affect the vehicles performance, safety, and/or durability. This includes, but is not limited to, the performance and operation of driver assistance features such as the Pre-Collision system, Dynamic Radar Cruise Control, automatic high beams, Blind Spot Monitoring, and park assist. For vehicles equipped with Toyota Safety Sense (TSS), modifications that obstruct or relocate the sensors may cause the system to not work properly. Neither Toyota, nor Sparks Toyota, assume any liability should a non factory installed part fail and/or cause damage/injury.