Make Your Tacoma A Pro!

Toyota Tacoma

There are a lot of parts that just bolt on from Toyota to make any model Tacoma look like a TRD Pro!

These include simple bolt on pieces like the grille to some more in-depth projects like the suspension kits.

Here are links to the TRD Pro grille which just bolts on to any model Tacoma:

PTR54-35150E PT228-35170FE

Here are the links to some of the wheels from the Pros. They fit the 2005 and up Tacoma's with a 6 lug pattern.

PT758-35170-02 PTR18-35090

PTR20-35110-GR PTR20-35110-BK


TRD Pro model Tacoma's come with custom headlights and taillights from Toyota. They are made by Toyota so the fit perfect and just plug directly into the factory wiring.

2012-15 Tacoma Headlamps 2016+ Tacoma Headlights

2012-15 Tacoma Tail lights 2016+ Tacoma tail lights

Want a way to bring an all new look to your interior? The TRD Pro shift knob is the easiest way to accomplish that. For a relatively low price, you can make your interior look really different! They are available for the automatic and the manual transmission.

Tacoma TRD Shift Knob TRD OEM Knob Tacoma

Tacoma Manual Shift Knob PTR26-35060 Tacoma Manual Shift Knob

Building a TRD Pro means off-roading! With that, you always want protection and the TRD skid plates offer just that.

Tacoma Skid plate PT212-35075 2016+ Tacoma Skid Plate PTR60-35160

The 2016 and up TRD Pro comes with a custom set of Rigid Industries fog lights and black emblems. We offer the plug-and-play kit for the fog lights. They just plug directly into your existing fog light wires and use the same switch. We also offer an emblem overlay kit that covers your chrome emblems making them black just like the TRD Pro.

Tacoma Fog Lights 2016+ Tacoma Emblems