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  • Product ID: 02-90-45-003-SL
  • Description:

    Magnuson is proud to announce the Toyota 4.5L I6 Supercharger System is now available for the 1995-1997 Toyota Land Cruiser. The OEM look of our integral supercharger system on this platform allows for a larger plenum, tapered runners and a secondary FEAD just to name a few advancements. At around 6 psi, the 4.5L I6 Supercharger System makes an amazing 25% hp and 25% lb-ft increase of serious truck torque at the crank, all with CARB certification (D-488-42).

    At the heart of the Magnuson Supercharger System is Eaton’s fifth generation supercharger unit, the MP90. The supercharger system is a positive displacement, roots style pump, utilizing Eaton’s lightweight, three-lobe 60 degree twisted rotors. Cast and assembled as a single, OEM-style-manifold and rotating group housing, the unit is quiet, compact, attractive, easy to install, and requires little to no extra maintenance to the unit itself.

    The positive displacement supercharger offers power instantly as the throttle is pressed. Boost pressure builds with no perceived lag commonly associated with other types of forced induction, and provides a large increase in torque across the entire power band. Throttle control is linear and predictable and makes for an excellent driving experience both in daily driving and wide-open acceleration.

    Since the supercharger does not compress air as it moves through the rotors, it’s extremely efficient during light throttle and cruising situations. Unlike screw-type positive displacement superchargers that are always compressing, the MP90 unit can internally bypass unwanted air, resulting in negligible parasitic loss during cruising and therefore far greater fuel economy.

    The single cast unit and appropriately sized rotating group eliminates potential leak points and allows for a slim, compact design without sacrificing key airflow design characteristics. The unit features a high velocity flow path through the supercharger rotors and an unrestricted discharge port into the appropriately sized plenum. The large plenum equalizes flow across all ports as air feeds evenly into the runners. Finally, the ports are separated into individual runners, offering greater operation by eliminating cross-fire.


    • 25% hp & 25% lbs-ft increase at the crank in standard kit form on an unmodified truck
    • Includes Magnuson’s 3yr/36,000ml warranty
    • CARB certification (D-488-42)
    • Installs can be completed within one day
    • Eaton MP90 rotor
    • Kit produces 6 psi. in standard form on a showroom vehicle
    • Installs without any metal cutting (no drilling, sawing etc.)
    • Installs without any wiring being cut – all connections are plug-in
    • Includes secondary FEAD
    • O-rings on all interfaces (leak-free install)
    • Unrestricted rotor discharge port (maximizes flow, minimizes loss)
    • Large plenum (equalizes flow to all ports)
    • Maintains all OE sensors
    • Utilises OE throttle body


    • Supercharger - 3 Year / 36,000 Mile Limited Warranty on supercharger hardware
    • Electronics - 1 Year Limited Warranty on electrical components
    • Standard Power Train - 3 Year / 36,000 Mile Limited Power Train Warranty
    • Optional Power Train - 5 Year / 60,000 Mile Limited Power Train Warranty ($500)
  • Condition: New

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