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High-Quality, Comfortable, and Affordable Toyota and Scion Seat Covers

Clazzio Seat CoversClazzio seat covers are the covers that do not look like seat covers; they are made to match your specific model's seats using a unique 3-dimensional program. They are a tight-fitting affordable upgrade for your existing seats, easy to install and easy to maintain.
Installation instructions are included, view the Installation Video.


Clazzio Suede Seat CoversClazzio has three choices for material, breathable perforated genuine leather, durable artificial suede, and soft bio PVC. Clazzio set covers are made of tough materials suited for the harsh conditions of a vehicle's interior. They are treated with anti-bacterial and deodorant coatings and are highly flame-resistant and durable. Up to 15 millimeters of memory foam is used in the seat section so that you are comfortable during long hours of driving.

  • Memory foam in the cushion makes you feel comfortable even on a long drive.
  • Front seats include a useful back pocket.
  • Holes for headrests are cleanly opened beforehand
  • Original seat functions are still available with the Clazzio seat covers

Customize them to suit your taste.

  Clazzio Seat Cover Fabrics

Choose your Material

PVC used for all outer panels and can be used for inserts
Leather and Suede are used only for center panels.

*Indicates special order selections.



Beige, gray, light gray, black, ivory*



Black, gray, light gray, beige, ivory*, red*, blue*



Black, gray, light gray, beige, ivory*

Choose your Stitching

Clazzio Stitching ColorsColors include black, gray, light gray, beige, ivory, red, yellow*, blue*, orange*,  green, purple*, pink*

*Indicates special order selections.

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What about the side impact airbag?

The thread used for the Clazzio seat covers are specially designed for side impact airbags. It has been proven that the thread will split when the side impact airbag deploys.

What Is Included?

Clazzio seat covers cover the whole seat, headrests, and armrests, including rear seats. Where indicated 3rd-row seats are included. All covers come with instructions and installation materials.