Custom Auto Shades (TT-78)

  • $39.95
  • TT-78
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Product Details

  • Features

    • Protect your ride from sun damage and sizzling heat with a Intro-Tech Automotive Windshield Sun Shade
    • Reduces interior temperatures up to 40°F
    • Custom tailored for a perfect fit in your year, make and model
    • Solar rays bounce off the metallic, reflective surface while the multi-layer core insulates against heat
    • Intro-Tech Automotive Windshield Sun Shades help prevent cracks in your dash and leather interior
    • Rolls up and stays compact with a Velcro strap for easy storage
    • Non-abrasive velour binding hugs your dash and roof lining
    • Your Intro-Tech Automotive Windshield Sun Shade comes with a Lifetime Warranty


    The inside of your oven is designed to withstand blistering heat—your car, truck or SUV’s interior is not. Blazing temperatures cause cracks in your dashboard and leather seats, as well as baking your steering wheel and shift knob to a crisp. Shield your vehicle from boiling with a Intro-Tech Automotive Windshield Sun Shade.

    Unlike those floppy sun shades you find at gas stations and big-box stores, Intro-Tech Automotive Windshield Sun Shades are sized for your exact year, make and model. Whether you’re rolling in a pickup or a Prius, your Sun Shade will fit like a tailored suit. Besides making it easier to install, the custom-cut ensures maximum coverage against UV ray infiltration.

    The magic behind your Intro-Tech Automotive Windshield Sun Shade's defense lies in its reflective surface and inner-layers. Sunlight bounces off the metallic face, and the core insulates against heat transfer. All together, the Auto Shade can reduce interior temperatures up to 40°F! Lifetime Warranty included.